About Zoe Jakes

Zoe Jakes


Zoe Jakes began her belly dance journey in 2000 and is known as a pioneer of the tribal fusion style. Zoe’s signature technique of dance incorporates pop and lock isolations, elements of classical indian dance, jazz foot work and modern lines, with abundances of folk belly dance inspiration.

 Zoe is a founding member of the electronic and world fusion group Beats Antique, where she composes music and is the lead dancer. Since Beats Antique’s 2007 inception, Zoe has been renowned around the world for her unique form of belly dance.

To share her expertise with the next generation, Zoe is an accomplished teacher and incorporates playfulness and ease to create an engaging training experience. Above all, Zoe desires to create an inclusive environment so all may enjoy the art of belly dance. There is grace that comes with training in this artistry, and Zoe aspires to teach everyone in her classes to embody this fluidity.

“Zoe Jake's teaching is nuanced as well as technically focused. You will walk away from her classes feeling physically stronger, your isolations more articulated, and inspired by the art of weaving your technique and combinations into one of her exquisite choreographies. Zoe Jakes is an intuitive teacher. She structures her classes in a masterful way by making the curriculum accessible to dancers of all levels. Whether you are wanting to improve your technique, get a great workout, or purely to dance-her classes are a perfect avenue to exercise these practices. “

--Nathalie Tedrick