Ultimate Layers Zoe Style 3 class series-June Series

Ultimate Layers Zoe Style 3 class series-June Series

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My favorite subject!

Intermediate to advanced students will love these mind bending layering drills. We will be layering hips, torso, footwork and arm patterns for a mind bending multitasking adventure.  Concepts for better mind-body integration will be utilized, as well as body organization techiques. And as usual, tons of drills!

Classes are on Tuesdays 9:30am-11:00am (pst) June 9th, 16th and 23rd

4.5 hours of instruction total.  3 classes 1.5 hrs each

The class link will be sent out approximately 30 minutes before class begins via email. Zoom will be utilized.

3 pay tiers:

"I have a career which is not completely affected by current events and I want to help others"

95 bucks. You're awesome.

"I kept my job, it's decent and I'm hanging in there"

75 bucks. You're awesome.

"I'm not able to work my regular job, I'm stressed about it, but I really need to dance"

55 bucks. You're awesome.