DanceCraft® Re-Testing & Private Lessons

We are now offering all DanceCraft® attendees the opportunity to re-test, and even the option to take extra lessons in the intensive content to prepare.

Re-testing Guidelines

Testing and retesting are offered to anyone who has completed all hours and assignments for their level of DanceCraft. Retesting will be offered by Pixie Fordtears or Faelan Shiva in person or online for $100 per test.

How to retest:

Contact to schedule your retest appointment.  Retesting fees are $100.

Once our team has confirmed that all of your required intensive hours and assignments are complete, you will be contacted to schedule your retesting session.  These sessions can occur via live stream, or in person in the Bay Area or Boulder Creek, CA.

Before your test appointment, you will need to submit a video of yourself performing the choreography for your level (Diamonds choreography, Spades finger cymbal choreography, etc…). Please film yourself in front of a mirror, with the camera set up behind you, so that we can see you from the front AND back. Upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo (unlisted so no one else can see it) and provide the link to

After you have completed your retesting, please allow 30 days for results.


Private Lessons

Need a leg up on that intensive content before you test? Did you sign up for level 2 and want to make sure you’re brushed up on your level 1? Book a private lesson with the DanceCraft® Team!

Key of Diamonds private lessons will be offered by Faelan or Pixie for $150 for 90 minutes.  These will be offered in person or online via live stream.

Key of Spades private lessons are provided by Zoe for $300 per hour and are only available in person.

To schedule a private lesson, contact  Let us know specifically what you would like to focus on in your lesson.